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Awning Windows/for Nice Ambiance

Certainly, Awning Windows for Nice Ambiance brings fame to the brand across the nation. Furthermore, Ventilation and illumination of the windows are considered to be the choosing factors. Rather, the windows are made up for Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Storerooms. Certainly, Awning Windows are the perfect solution for Ventilation and Illumination needs. Certainly, Awning windows from AurauPVC are stylishly crafted to guarantee an elegant look. Furthermore, No other firm can provide such better ventilated windows. Certainly, this kind of doors is best when it comes for providing ventilation for home. These windows are a prominent type of window outfitting particularly for the individuals who need to catch the embodiment of old style charm.

Certainly, Our AurauPVC Awning windows, the design is so innovative implemented that the ease of its usage. It is a major feature for choosing this product from our stores. Auraupvc uses the supreme quality aluminium for your UPVC windows and doors which are stronger, thicker and stable even for high wind loads. Moreover, the high precision molds with multi dimensional accuracy and great surface finishing. It utilized to finalize the collection of the clients for different applications. They are tender profiles and developed using a special formula to provide the best performing features. Therefore it will remain in long-term climatic disturbance. Indeed, the windows are made up of the durable materials which have an amazing thermal and acoustic insulation.


Profile Wall Thickness>2.5
Reinforcement Thickness1.5mm outer frame,2mm sash
Maximum Glass Thickness4mm-20mm
Wind LoadBased on the area, static interlocks will be inserted / used to ensure that windows can with stand up to 250kms/hr.
Sound Insulationupto32-40db
Drain SlotsYes
Profile Width60mm
Profile Chambers4 chambers
U-value1.4 W-(m2.k)
Dust Proofcoextruded wool piles
Water Proofcoextruded epdm gaskets
Testing ReportYes

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