Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows are windows which could be opened inwards /outwards with the help of hinges fixed on a frame are called casement windows. Our uPVC casement windows come up with an updated modern twist and are made with the sublime quality casement hardware in order to make them to operate easily and last longer. The windows are flexible for different places where everyone could enjoy the beautiful scenery of the outdoors. Indeed, the windows are made up of the durable materials which have an amazing thermal and acoustic insulation.

It has been marked as an important constraint for a lot of households in the city since, our bi-fold door form the appropriate solution to overcome the space issues. It helps to enable an expansive opening with an enough space to spare. Its multi-locking system ensures a complete security with elegance. Every roller on this door has been provisioned with 4 wheels and 2 nylon guides to perform an easy operation. The most ideal factor to consider this door for is the fact that it has a very low maintenance after installation, helping the customer to live with fewer worries. Our door provide a very good thermal and sound insulation attain the expectations of the people. These types of Doors could operated uniquely in both directions inwards and outwards, and considered as one of the most liked properties of a door.


Profile Wall Thickness>2.5
Reinforcement Thickness1.5mm outer frame,2mm sash
Maximum Glass Thickness4mm-20mm
Wind LoadBased on the area, static interlocks will be inserted / used to ensure that windows can with stand up to 250kms/hr.
Sound Insulationupto32-40db
Drain SlotsYes
Profile Width60mm
Profile Chambers4 chambers
U-value1.4 W-(m2.k)
Dust Proofcoextruded wool piles
Water Proofcoextruded epdm gaskets
Testing ReportYes

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