French Door

French Door for protection

The French Door gives complete protection-auraupvc is most popular and the best amongst the breed of doors are the world-renowned French doors, known for its signature design across the nation. These types of doors have made an impact on not just the homeowners but also the architects who are quick to suggest French doors for structures of any type. We at AurauPVC offer a most fortified flavor of French doors in the form of uPVC version of French doors. The most flexible options are made for good illumination and easy operation. Our offerings in this segment of doors variant have added to the durability and technicality in the choices of French doors. Our French doors have four locking mechanisms that ensure safety and security to the highest limits of its kind.

Friendly Door

The French doors are made up of environment-friendly uPVC material which will be durable for many years into its usage. This type of door is best when it comes to providing ventilation for home. It provides easy access to outside to give the feel of outside as natural extension of inside. Our UPVC French doors are considered as highest rated across the world. It’s our great pride to impart proactive approach to projects while ensuring the best interests of the stakeholders are represented at every stage. Auraupvc uses the supreme quality steel for your uPVC doors which are stronger, thicker and stable even for high wind loads.The stable door can stay forever.


Profile Wall Thickness>2.5
Reinforcement Thickness1.5mm outer frame,1.5mm sash
Maximum Glass Thickness5mm-36mm
Wind LoadBased on the area , static interlocks will be inserted / used to ensure that windows can with stand up to 250kms/hr.
Sound Insulationupto32-40db
Drain SlotsYes
Profile Width60mm
Profile Chambers4 chambers
U-value1.4 W-(m2.k)
Dust Proofcoextruded wool piles
Water Proofcoextruded epdm gaskets
Testing ReportYes


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