Why aura uPVC

Why uPVC is the better replacement for wooden windows and doors?

We impart an adequate customized windows and doors to sustain international standard across the nation, since the future world is moving towards uPVC products.

• Supreme conservation
• Superior energy generator
• 15 years warranty
• Detain up to 250 kmph wind speed
• Hermetically sealed
• Pleasant view

Intermit structure remains for years

The change of weather could lead to expand wood and decompose it soon but our uPVC would fight against all the negative factors and keep the shape forever.

Keeps pleasant view forever

Most of wooden windows heed to get faded and lose its colour soon due to harsh awning ray, but our uPVC holds its colour permanently.

Termite control

Our uPVC provides a complete protection from termite when woods are getting eroded by termites.

Preventing Disafforestation

Wooden windows stand the cause of disafforestation where as we make windows with uPVC to protect forest and keep the environment condition good.

Sustain your room cooler in summer

aura uPVC windows and doors are made with uPVC, since it could prevent heat from outside to keep your room in moderate weather and insulate dwelling even summer when other widows fail in it.

Remitting electricity consumption

Our uPVC windows and doors sustain cooling inside the room and reduce the usage of electricity of your AC which remits your electricity bill.


Our uPVC windows need less energy in conversion to retain eco-friendly, but other (wood & aluminium) windows fail to retain it.

Switch to uPVC to enjoy the weather in the monsoon.

We believe at our uPVC which can provide you an enormous joy to sit and watch the monsoon.

There are few innovative are engineered by aura-uPVC in its windows and doors to conserve your home and keep dry in  monsoon.

• Rain Aqueduct

Our uPVC is framed with an elevated section attached with system which works as pond which observe rain water and drive out.

• Perfect arrangement of windows

The unique system of our uPVC stops the air pressure from outside to make the rain water flow vertically at few distance of the outer wall.

• Declension

An iter at inclined slope of 5 degrees ensures that the stagnated water drive out.

• Tempest Bar

Our uPVC products are strengthened with tempest bar that withstand wind speeds up to 250 kmph.

• Consolidated Steel

Our uPVC frame is made with consolidated steel to provide tough protection to your home.

• Noise Restriction

Our trusted uPVC windows and Doors are made with complete noise restriction to ensure peace at your dwelling.

• Free maintenance

We impart with free maintenance service up to 1 year for accessories related items.